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Noisiel, Torcy Banks of the Marne


The development of the banks of the Marne at Torcy aims to open up the town onto the river, to preserve and enrich the site by encouraging the establishment of ecosystems linked to wetlands, and to use plant species to remedy the erosion of the banks. A continuous promenade follows the river, creating a resonance between the walker’s route, the water and the elements though a play of slopes, openings, pauses and pontoons. The future Swale garden will have a pedagogical function, raising public awareness of the need for biodiversity. Features such as the canoe club jetty are designed to encourage riverside tourism and nautical leisure activities.


Concours lauréat 2007 / Livraison tranche 1 2011, tranche 2 2013

Contracting authority
Marne-la-Vallée Val Maubuée new urban development syndicate
Project manager
Florence Mercier Paysagiste mandated landscape architect, ASCO civil engineering, Champalbert plant engineering
Surface area