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São Paulo Seeds of Colour


The Ibirapuera park and its trees hosted a large labyrinthine structure with screens made up of horticultural nets and winter plant covers. This approach created a scene in which walkers in the park and the plants themselves became part of a play of shadows and transparencies that evolved according to the walker’s path and the time of day.


Like the stone of a fruit, the space holds a surprise for visitors… Immersing them in a luminous monochrome, in its heart it invites them to confront their interior landscapes. The garden leads the walker to live a spatial and sensorial experience that questions his or her relationship with the world and with nature. It relates to rhythm and the intervals between things, to the ephemeral, revealing the invisible threads that unite us with the world of the living.


Guest of honour at São Paulo garden festival
Completion 2010

Contracting authority
São Paulo Museum of Modern Art
Project manager
Florence Mercier Paysagiste
Surface area