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Massy Ampère Great Park


On a brownfield site in the new joint development zone of the Atlantis quarter, the Ampère park was designed to be a fragment of nature in the heart of the city, offering several different spaces for the inhabitants to enjoy. The project made use of several attractive mature trees already in place to diversify the plant strata and increase the number of micro-landscapes that form a backdrop to a walk through the park. The ground work evokes the historical stratification of the site. Sports fields, a children’s garden, an esplanade planted with cherry trees hosting picnic tables, a flower garden, lawns criss-crossed by sunken paths are some of the many spaces devoted to the relaxation of those who live or work in the neighbourhood.


Completion 2013

Contracting authority
SEM Massy
Project manager
Florence Mercier Paysagiste mandated landscape architect, ESE roads and utilities
Surface area