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Thionville Urban Recovery of the Moselle


The planning programme for the urban regeneration of the right bank of the Moselle enables the creation of a new sense of centrality and the opening up the districts next to the river banks. It will lead to the creation of new neighbourhoods for homes, facilities and businesses, linked by a redrawn public space that will include a new transport hub. The whole programme is structured by a very strong landscape and links the banks of the Moselle valley to the old town, defined by the old fortifications. This network of public spaces is thought of as a structure for urban evolution that will open the city out to the river. The ecological regeneration of the banks as well as a network of paths and walks develop a new relationship with the water.


Definition study 2003

Contracting authority
Thionville town council
Project manager
AMA mandated architect, Florence Mercier Paysagiste, L. Schlumberger programme director