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Algiers Villa des Oliviers Garden


Overlooking the bay of Algiers, the garden of Villa des Oliviers, the French ambassador’s residence, spreads out, enjoying several aspects, on the hillside of El-Biar. The geographical situation makes it a remarkable site. The blueprint for the whole site focused on its layout and long-term management. New places were created: a shade garden in a cool glen, terraces (the sunny terrace, terrace of citrus fruit trees) that resolve the problems of gully erosion and collecting rainwater for watering. The project involved perpetuating and enriching the vegetation, and renovating and strengthening the network of paths while incorporating pauses and windows on the bay.


Overall plan 2005 / Completion of the terraces 2007

Contracting authority
French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, French Embassy in Algiers
Project manager
Florence Mercier Paysagiste
Surface area