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Pantin Redevelopment of the Former RN3 Highway


The project for the redevelopment of the former RN3 highway from the Porte de Pantin to the Limites crossroads aims to recreate a real urban boulevard whilst inserting a central dedicated public transport lane. The definition of the public space integrates the several functions of the road and responds to the challenge of pedestrian safety while giving the spaces a clearer legibility. It forms part of a coherence plan for the different communes of the département while more specifically improving the heart of the town of Pantin.


Situated at the heart of three busy neighbourhoods and bordered by a dense and heterogeneous urban fabric, the avenue thus redeveloped will allow one to articulate new projects (the ZACs [joint development zones] of the port and the town centre, etc.) and to give back a facade to the public facilities by strengthening the north-south transversalities, particularly towards the hillsides or the Canal d’Ourcq.


Draft conceptual study 2011 / pre-project analysis 2012

Contracting authority
Seine-Saint-Denis département council
Project manager
Florence Mercier Paysagiste mandated landscape architect, Degouy and Egis roads and utilities
Surface area
Length: 2.2km